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#69145 - He pulls me with him to the bed, telling me without speaking to lie down on it, and I do as he says, wondering where this night's journey will lead me, hoping i do not wake Steven with moans and sighs of pleasure. Too warm and too comfortable, the pillows soft, cradeling my head, thoughts of staying awake elude me and I fall asleep, my breathing beoming shallow as i fall deeper and deeper into the darkest part of my mind, and i find him waiting there. I could never admit to what the faceless man did to me in the darkness of night, in the most secret parts of my mind, where he always waited for me,knowing that i would come to him, and where he would take all that he wanted from me, his will was strong, my body was weak, and in that dark, unfriendly part of my mind, he became my master and i his servant.

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