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#130131 - I. 6 and 34 c cups, you? Stranger: long dark hair, blue eyes, glasses, 6', 7 inch length :P You: cool Stranger: what're you upto atm? You: not much, wbu Stranger: not a lot You: do u roleplay? Stranger: sure You: what kind do u like? Stranger: any really, I don't mind :) You: do u like sexual roleplay? :) Stranger: ;) sure You: what one? ;) Stranger: why don't you start, we'll see how it goes? :P You: Ok but what roleplay are we doing, school, doctor, incest or another one? Stranger: do you have a particular favourite? You: incest dad/daughter Stranger: ok You: my names Ashley btw Stranger: Tom You: Nice to meet you Stranger: you too You: Lets start You: 'Dad, I'm home!' Stranger: 'Welcome home sweetheart, how was your day?' You: 'Its was good dad! I got dared to do something though. But.

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