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#56034 - As we both start to regain our composure, you take your mouth off of my cock, licking your lips, you reach up and kiss me on the lips, we kiss gently for just a moment, before you look me in the eyes and tell me to take you inside and the shit out of you, you want me to you like a little whore, you want me to make you my dirty little whore. I kiss my way back up to your lips, and you grab my head, throwing your lips on mine, pressing your tongue into my mouth, my hand makes its way back down your thigh towards your knee, and goes back up on the outside of your dress this time, running up over your thigh up your waist, and up between your breasts, again touching uncovered skin. The concierge guided us to our seats, I waited for you to sit, and then took my seat sitting close enough to hold your hand.

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