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#132585 - Ben lay there his heart beginning to settle back to a normal rhythm, he wanted to follow his brother through to his own bedroom and tell him how brilliant that had been, and tell him how long he had dreamed that this night would come. His young cock began to grow hard again and he began to stoke his smooth silky skin, thinking of his brother in the room next door stroking his own cock wanking hard and fast using Ben’s own spunk as lube, Ben let out another light whimper and the third load of the night dribbled over his hand, he brought his hand to his mouth and tasted his boy juice wishing it was his brothers spunk he was tasting. He wanted to feel his brothers stiffness against his own, then it was happening, his beautiful big brothers hand was working it’s way under the duvet, Could this be for real?, was his dreams going to come true, he lay there his cock harder than at any time he could ever remember before?.

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