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#179448 - What ever she said to him made him laugh evilly, and Ilsa knew that that probably wasn't good news for her!!! Okay, take and get her ready, I'll be along shortly, Marie ordered the burly guard! He came over and grabbed her roughly by the arm and practically dragged her down the hall to a spartan room that only had a couple of chairs and what looked like a doctor's examining table. Now fraulein, Maire Krupp offered, let us see how long it takes you to have an orgasm from the steady dripping of water as your only partner!!! Ilsa felt sweat begin to break out on her forehead as the relentless dripping continued massaging her now totally erect clitoris. Ilsa whispered hoarsely that she was ready to cooperate, and pleaded with the Nazi bitch to leave her alone, but Marie smiled a sadistic smile and said evenly, Oh dear, Ilsa, we are having too much fun to stop now, I think another two or three orgasms should just about do it! Drip, drip, drip, it was happenin

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Wendy marvell
Is anyone else impressed by her acting skills she had good line delivery and enunciation
Erich von rerugen
This is amazing made me wet
Very beautiful scene of anal sex thank you guys