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#73484 - This time I awoke in my sister’s room I tried to get up put to my surprise I was tied down to my sisters bed I yelled for help but no answer it was quiet with no noise what so ever when the door opened my eyes shot to it my sisters as they walked in I yelled and called them bitch and whore then I was slapped on the face and said not to speak I was quiet they said little brother it’s time to punish you for what those words you said to us Chapter 2 my punishment begins My sisters closed the door and asked if I was comfortable I said screw you and was slapped me again they said its time and you just got extra slaps so I hope you’re ready. I woke to a thump to see myself on the floor my door open and my sisters dragging me I tried to struggle away then they noticed I was awake they said were not ready for you to wake up yet and put a ragged on my face to where I could not breath I was off to sleep again.

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