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#386544 - Polk, and come over to me! With a shaky hand Lou shut the door and stood before the towering black man while thinking, What on earth was she doing here!?! His gentle face had become more stern, and he reached out and touched her breast and caressed her through her dress. She felt as if nothing would ever change, but fate was about to intervene Good evening Professor, and you too Mrs. There, that's better, said Lou, it was so stuffy in there! For the next few minutes they made small talk, until out of the blue Philip looked her in the eye and said, Upstairs, there is a bedroom at the end of the hall, be there in five minutes, I'll be waiting, and then he was gone, leaving her standing alone and stunned!!! My god, she thought, what makes him think I'll take a chance like that with my husband here!!! She stood there for a few minutes, trying to collect her thoughts, but all the while the feeling that had started in her stomach had moved about ten inches l

Read Canadian Ara-ara Mama to Seikou | 與啊啦啊啦媽媽的性交 - Original Ffm Ara-ara Mama to Seikou | 與啊啦啊啦媽媽的性交

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Rating 7 taking that sexy little body for a ride
So damn gorgeous
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