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#125846 - “Hell dude I didn’t need to know all that,” he said with a grin, “and it’s kind of hard not to look at that big monster, but you know if I was a girl I would let you stick it in my pussy, hell if I was gay which I’m not,” he said in his defense “I would definitely let you ram my ass all night long and I would even try to deep throat the hole dam thing if I could,” he said as they stopped walking and he turned and looked his friend in his pale gray eyes as his face turned red. He sat down and began to play the game. No, he can’t be gay, but it was so good, so he visualize that Jenny was the one licking him clean and not Lorcan.

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Naofumi iwatani | shield hero
Thank you and wow really love your hentais as well super sexy couple
Damn bro same