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#143651 - After while Melissa came walking over with a tall skinny African American guy, Honey this is Jared. Hi Jared, how are you? I said Me, I'm pretty good, how are you man? Jared said back. Melissa looked at me with my hard cock in my hand and said Now I want your cum in my pussy baby! Melissa got on the floor with her body resting on the couch and stuck her sexy ass in the air and looking over her shoulder said, C'mon baby, fuck my cum soaked pussy! I put my cock inside her and it slide right in and I pounded her pussy as hard as I could and she stroked Jared half limp cock and soon she was moaning and ordering me to cum in her! I did as she order and began to pump my cum into her pussy and she screamed as she came on my cock! We all laid there covered in sweat and her pussy continued to drip from our cum.

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Santa claus
So sweet and hot
She is so nice one of thte girls who inspired me to make hentais