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#159949 - Ben stared at the photo of a fifty five year old woman who must have weighed in at two hundred and fifty pounds, and to top that off she was totally naked! These women come here expecting more than any other facility would or could ever possibly provide them, she added, now while not the most attractive of God's creatures, they do have their physical needs, am I coming through to you now Ben? I was just then dawning on him, they wanted him to make love to their over weight clients for money! I think so, yeah, answered Ben! Could you do it, though, asked Miss Wilkins? I don't know, replied Ben, they're so fat, and I've never. Ben, do you have any idea what we do here at Oasis, she asked? Well, Ben replied, it's a fat farm I guess, you know exercise and eight hundred calory per day diets, or something like that. As they passed through, Erica would stop and talk to the women, giving them some encouragement, and while Ben had to admit while they

Read Parody Toshiue Kanojo ni Mitsunure Lesson | 年長女性們蜜濡的授業 Milf Porn Toshiue Kanojo ni Mitsunure Lesson | 年長女性們蜜濡的授業

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