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#68522 - She was really clueless because she said… “Why are you putting lube on me when you can’t fuck my pussy?” Savannah asked “I’m not fucking your pussy; I’m fucking your asshole. 4 was rolling around and I was ready, I was taking her out to this nice restaurant hopefully she would be impressed with what I had to offer and see me as more of a friend, I picked her up at her house and her dad opened the door, he greeted me and let me in, he knew I was coming so he didn’t ask who I was. After an hour we finally got out because we were too tired and helped Savannah clean up, I honestly just wanted to leave as soon as possible so I could fuck Rachel.

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Damn she is so hot though and dat ass omg i want to fuck it so hard
Catherine vuitton
Omg more of that on her back bj view so good