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#95116 - my heart skiped 3 beats for the horror i was in i was cought looking at a boy! one of my uncles got out of the car and came walking towards me like i was some 300 pound man instead of a 120 girl her grabed me by my hair and the scraf came rolling down uncovering my face and he strated yelling at me asking my what the fuck was i doing out side but he didnt give me a chace to finsh instead he pulled me by the hair inside and kicked me right on the moulth i was crying and bleeding all over the place. he asked her. my mom came into the living room then and saw me on the floor bleeding to death and instead of helping me like a real mother would she just spat at me dreiction and told me what ever i idid i desverd it.

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Mai valentine
Hi does anyone knw how to play this on the oculus go tnks
Ky kiske