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#182623 - I told you in my first story how our wives had caught me and my mate Dave, visiting a local massage parlour, Dave’s missus had after a few weeks pretty much put it to one side and he and she were working things out, from what I could gather he had put the whole mess down to me, playing the part as if I had forced him to shag the girls and to be honest that is pretty much how it had started, he was reluctant to cheat on his missus at first but later he couldn’t get it up them fast enough or often enough. My missus Alison in contrast had gone absolutely bonkers and was set on revenge plain and simple, she had bought herself sexy gear (with my cash) and was getting herself toned up by working out every night, then about 3 weeks later I had come home from work to find a big hairy ginger Irishman shafting the shit out of her and her enjoying every second of it, she had said it was to be the first of many (at least as many as I had visits to the parlour) and then we could see if there

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