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#376421 -   We both dressed and made our way downstairs Jay picking up the keys to his car on the way to the garage,  He hugged me and kissed me before getting into his car and driving off to the airport, now I knew I would be seeing him again in about two hours because the first thing my daughter does when she gets home is get Jay to bring her to my house. I went into the kitchen to make us all a coffee I had only been in there about a minute when Jay walked in and took me in his arms and kissed me, my tongue instinctively meeting his our hands wandered over each others bodies where's Sam gone I whispered she's gone to the bathroom baby Jay replied before we kissed again, we parted and Jay went to get me the milk just in time because we heard  Sam's footsteps coming down the stairs, she came to the kitchen and sat down at the table and began to tell us both about her trip when is it you fly out again baby? I asked her   I go again in three days mom Sam answered my q

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