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#388580 - “Yes sir, my big brother is out back, trying to get some money” “I see” Michael started the car, reversed up a bit, then took off forwards, he drove around to the back of the building, spotting the nine year old boy, near a dumpster, kneeling down in front of the bar tender, his head was bobbing back and forward, the bar tender was exceptionally content. They were especially fun, knowing what life really was like at home, parents who loved them but ignored them, they were easily influenced into doing what he wanted. “What’s your name?” “FUCK YOU!” the boy screamed as the foot connected with his chest, knocking the wind out of him, he was gasping for breath.

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Kouji ibuki
Damn shes fine
Artoria pendragon alter
Holly fuck she is beautiful i wish i was there with her getting fucked