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#330253 - I had the pictures saved to the cloud, my phone, my computer, and my camera! She gasped and politely said, “What are you going to do with those?” I replied, “Well I’m not deleting them. When I got back Amanda told me Grace would be going with her friend to an amusement park but its far away so she would be sleeping in a hotel and she wouldn’t be back until Wednesday! I was curious how that came about! She was grounded but now she can go to an amusement park with her friends? Amanda told me that she told the parents that I knew about her sexual deviances! She also said the parents know all about it and everyone in the family is involved! I was surprised but again I saw it coming. Her bottoms fell of exposing such a super sexy hot pussy! She was 8 and giving me such a hard on! Ignoring her nudity she swam over and said, “Save me save me!” This was a game what all of the kids played with me.

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