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#85440 - So I havent seen you for a while she said I thought you and John had a fight No Miss Kerman I replied I been busy Please call me Sue she asked handing me a glass of orange juice and busy with what have you got a girlfriend? as she said this her voice trailed off as I noticed her eyes had spotted my bulge in my trousers, I heard a little gasp from her and she began to drink from her glass. I'm sorry I heard Sue say and I turned back to face her, and she put her hand to my red cheek and I leaned in to kiss her again but she turned her head away. I felt her hand grab my wrist and at first begin to try and pull my hand away but then she relaxed her grip and began moving my wrist to a rhythm she liked Jay We Cant she moaned half reluctantly As she said this I lifted up the back of her dressing gown, exposing her ass to me, my hands began to work their magic on her wet cunt.

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