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#37148 - It was Monday and had to get back to the usual office routine and there again Lisa started with how was the demo and all I said yaaa It was good, she was like what???? And gave me the odd look and said shut up u really enjoyed it and gave a bitchy smile and yaa what else it was true and I too gave the bitchy smile and said yes I enjoyed it, and then she told me to do stuffs like that when we are without our husbands and I agreed to it, life was going on smooth having funn with Lisa and few friends in the office or in the mall or especially in the bar a lot bitchy funn !! well it was about 2 weeks after the incident in the bar with those 3 boys, After work I stopped by a local grocery store where I did some shopping for dinner which I would be making later that evening, while I was picking up some stuffs a cute little dogi came next to me and was jumping on me , I used to love dogs but Jacob never wanted one so I could not have a pet, I was playing with the dog by then the owner of the

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