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#293778 - It was the start of a golden 6 months for Nurina as she was undefeated in that period and retained her title and then retired with the longest period between titles (19 yrs), oldest winner 54, longest consecutive run in top 10 (16 yrs), most yrs in top 10 ( a staggering 31) and only grandmother to hold the title. Actually there were more generous than I thought when Four and I were summoned (yes that's the right word) to a one way meeting about the future of the event. She had been bought from a country temple run by nuns where she had been fucked 8 to 12 hours a day and was semi trained and enjoyed it, for the level 3s, but a wealthy Thai business woman Darunee now sponsored her.

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Momoka yashiro
I demand subtitles in spanish
Paiway underberg
Its too bad this guy is so creepy she is super hot