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#7019 - i made it to English just on time took my regular seat next to the window , the class was well into ten minutes Nathan and his friend Robby walked in Robby took the seat next to the door and the only seat that was available was the one next to me 'oh shit i thought , this guy hates my guts and he had to sit next to me he sat and didn’t really look at me . later that day i was in my room on my laptop starting to do the project then my IM BOX opened up it said where do you live i typed back who is this he typed Nathan you idiot , then i wrote i'm not telling you he wrote i want to come over to start the project i was skeptical about the whole thing but i was at home this was my territory not his , school was his , so i typed in the address about fifteen minutes later i heard a pounding at the front door i jetted down the stairs and i stood there pondering if i should open up or not i wasn’t scared of Nathan at all i found him intimidated but i never backed down from him

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