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#278004 - “I… I can’t” Andria whispered to them But they did not pay any attention to her as King kneeled in front of her spreading her legs apart and holding his huge cock inches from her pussy, Kong got beside her and placed her hand around his huge cock then lifting it towards her mouth to be sucked. Thrust after thrust she felt King’s huge cock going deeper and deeper as he squeezed and slapped her ass whilst Kong grabbed her breasts and fucked her mouth. “If I’m going to cover for you at work then you have to at list tell me everything that happened” Andria uttered “Ok… ok” Lisa replied “But I’ll just tell you the short version until you come over later ok” “Sure tell me what has you feeling so sick you can’t come to work?” Andria asked as she chuckled “It was a black guy I met last night, he ravaged me, his tongue was like a hurricane on my pussy and his dick was too big for all of it to enter…” A burst of laughter escaped Andria’s mouth….

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