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#112696 - ??? The when's obvious, Flo answered, the how is a hidden camera in the heat vent at the far end of the shower room, but that's not the important thing, the thing is what am I going to do with the tape!!! Maggie's brain was spinning while she tried to figure out exactly what was going on, but her thoughts were interupted when Flo Evans continued on, Now I could use this tape for my personal use, or I could sell it, which would you prefer!?! Sell it to who, Maggie asked slowly!?! Ive got some contacts in the porno business who tell me that we can get thousands for a tape like this one, Flo replied, they specialize in amateur stuff mostly, but this female prison stuff could really be a gold mind!!! Maggie sat there for a few moments collecting her thought before asking, And how much would the actresses get!?! Two hundred a piece per video, Flo Evan answered quickly, we can do the stuff in the shower and around the rest of the prison if we like!!!

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