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#196586 - The nipple's reaction was not lost on either woman, and Vicki commented, Nothing's changed in all these years has it, you still can't help yourself when you're around me can you,n while Teri whimpered softly, her vagina now a literal sieve of cunt juice. After they had dressed and Minh Su had gone to put Teri's things in the guest bedroom, Vicki said, Ya know, Teri, my bed is big enough for three, what do you think!?! I don't think that I can wait for bed time, replied Teri, we still have a lot of lost time to make up for, so let's get busy!!! THE END. Teri found out that Vicki had never married, and had basically lived the life of the idle rich, a trust fund baby by way of her father's oil company.

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She s so adorable i loooove her
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Best ending