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#215661 - Looking down at her pussy, Vera took the bottle from Claire and jammed it deep into her vagina, and as it slid all the way in, Vera let out with a low animal moan! Claire's own clit was absolutely on fire, and if Frank had walked in right then, he would have seen three naked women with bald pussies, having the equivalent of a circle jerk! Jill was the first one to cum, and she shook and thrust her hips out as her orgasm flooded her pussy! Claire and Vera both came together, reacting to Jill's cumming as sweat was pouring off of them as they regained their senses!!! After a quick shower to clean off, they all hurriedly dressed, sheepishly looking at each other! Do you think they'll like it, asked Jill? Vera and Claire just shook their heads and laughed! THE END. It was getting so you couldn't even let your kids watch anything by themselves anymore! Just then, a blond on TV came out of the bathroom wearing only a bra and very brief bikini panties! My god,

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Margot knight
She looks like a dark skinned white girl
Mayumi saegusa
Tanta roba