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#53065 - they sat on the floor and lal started joking jokes and flirting with mom and he commented on moms figure on some dirty words and mom liked it and time gone and lal wanted to extend the limit close in order to fuck mom he told mom to wear the jewels and mom asked him why and he told that he wad a good at photography so that he would take some good pictures of mom and mom agreed and mom wore all her gold oranaments like bangles necklace ear rings hiplace and she looked like a statue and lal was amazed to see it he got horny at it and told mom that vela u look so gorgeous in this jewles and mom told thanks lal and lal went to a locker and brought many gold and he went near mom and told her that it will be awesome if she removes her saree and more gold can be worn and beautiful and also glamourous to see her ahhhh moms weakness is gold and on a sudden mom agreed to it and she removed her saree and her 38g melons are popinf out inside her tight jacket and her clevage is very big and lal wa

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