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#210828 - Later when he had calmed down the bear took human form again the rage had subsided and he looked at his prize as had been promised by his new goddess the dark goddess of love and lust Laure standing there smiling in that strange but rousingly tight and shining attire, Barak walked quickly over to where Ce’Nedra stood screaming and crying at what had just happened and grabbed her arm not too harshly but still the petite princess squeaked in surprise. And then with a feral roar Barak used the bed as support on either side of his petite princess and drove his cock in one final thrust all the way inside into her cervix and then stream after stream of hot cum blasted her womb as Ce’Nedra orgasmed one final earth shattering time. “Ooooohh!” Ce’Nedra cried out but it didn’t hurt as much as she thought considering how large Barak’s cock was that should have split her in twain but didn’t and somewhere in the lovers minds there were those little voices that tried to tell them to stop wha

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