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#3305 - It wasn't as if she needed any help in the looks department, because to make a long story short, Blair was a stunner, a true blue eyed blonde with a killer smile and a great body!!! The news director was giving some last minute instructions to the cameramen, and as soon as her bottom touched her chair, Blair looked directly into the camera as the director counted down five, four, three, two, one, your on! With a smooth easy delivery Blair launched into the first story, about a large hurricane that was threatening the east coast, while Wade Turner, the news director, said to no one in particular, One of these days she's not gonna get here in time and we'll be opening to an empty chair!!! Martha Ames, the assistant director, just chuckled and replied, Never been late in over four years, boss, I don't think she's going to start now! Wade just shrugged his shoulders and nodded his head, while at the same time, he checked to make sure that his men were using the

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