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#355253 - Brad’s cock widened the virgins pussy the strain was clear to see with every insersion hes hole gowned attempting to adapt to Brad’s size. Josh’s admiration of the girls beauty was halted by Brad drawing his knife and running it down her robes, splitting it in half and with one sharp pull her young body was revealed her breasts were perky and rounded about a c-cup josh estimated, he also noted that she had natural pubic hair which was strange as he never thought girls grew hair “do all girls get hair like that” Josh inquired quite innocently Brad let out a burst of laughter “of courses they do you fucking idiot…. Josh was at a loss what had he just done assisting in raping an Iraqi national and the murder of a united states marine, the seconds turned to mintes the Josh said in Arabic “we need to go” the girl pulled her ropes over to cover herself they left in silence leaving Brad’s body to rot in the dust.

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