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#100092 - ' He lay back and instructed, 'Drop your cunt on my stick, Mz. 'Wipe your lips with something way cleaner than you are, slut!' 'Impossible, being how I'm shoveling the dirt from this end of it onto her lips! Yeah, dirt, and dirt you are!' Thad yelled while cruelly batting his club all the way into Andrea's rear 'cunt' and slapping her right arse-pad. sooo, like the feel of my big club raring to drill a new hole in your fucking ass, tramp?' 'Yes, sir,' she panted, before Thad began using her tresses and dick against her rear to guide her behind the park's bandstand where the good-looking, white, 27-y/o Rick and equally hunky and white, 21-y/o Jason were waiting in only their hard pricks.

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