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#197519 - The Doctor duly came around mid-morning and prescribed some sleeping tablets and medicine to settle her stomach saying that she had mild food poisoning and that she should take it easy for a couple of days. Again afternoon conversation centred on the topic of sex and Sally asked Jan if she had any dreams or fantasies that she would like to act out, to which Jan replied that no she was quite happy being married to me and that our sex life was just starting and that it was quite sufficient for her at the moment. Sally pulled her blindfold off as Peter & I lifted ourselves off the lounge, picking up our drinks we adjourned to the comfort of the lounge recliner chairs, Sally snuggled up to Peter and thanked him for allowing her to fulfil her fantasy of a threesome.

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Kanako sumiyoshi
Modern socializing these hentais have a stupid premise
Thank you for doing such risky hentais so sexy
Omw that is awesome and love the ownership
How is that hot