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#256026 - But as I hit the ground they opened with a start! It took me several more minutes to realize we were not far from another parking lot as there was a dim yellow light illuminating the entire area. Now I had some idea what it was to be a slut and a whore, setting in the dirt stark ass naked covered in cum and dust when this revelation hit me full force! OMG! I actually had done it, I went out in the woods willingly with this boy who used me, and took my virgin innocence, and then, I had sucked him off and five other young boys bringing them all to orgasm, sure he had threatened me, but vocally, not one of the young boys slapped or hurt me, and strangely I seemed to like it, the harsh sex, humiliation, and a half dozen blow jobs, a word “Cock Sucker “ these little bastards called me, a word I had never heard before was now part of my life, that would always be with me from this time forward! Just as I thought it was all over and things could not get any worse or more wild and crazy

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