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#28277 - 'What do you think about your b*****r's cock'? I looked across at mum, she was relaxed, 'Soft', was the word that escaped my lips, not realizing my hand was subconsciously fondling it. I looked across at my b*****r, his blank expression was met by my own equally and slightly shocked expression, as Mum went on to explain just how powerful sex is, how people use it to attain a hold over others, 'The more you know about sex, your own bodies, and how to recognize when you are being targeted, you will be several steps up the rung and be able to know how to deal with it'. 'We need to talk sex'.

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Tifa lockhart
She is so sexy
The fuckin eyeballs
Star sapphire
Nice deathly hallows tat love me a nerd geek girl
Aki muroto
Whats her name
Name of the girl anybody know