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#18289 - Bill was starting to pound into her hard and Lynne cried out each time their bodies met and if you didn't know better you would say she was having a seizure and suddenly she screamed and her body convulsed and bucked writhing below Bill and he slammed into her harder as she began to squirt juices like her bladder had let loose and she arched her back and he grabbed her burying his cock in her ass and he growled as hot cum erupted from his cock and began to fill her ass and Lynne whimpered loudly as she felt like a scalding hot liquid fill her and she grabbed at his arms shoving back as hard as she could and went rigid crying out one last time and she went limp in his arms. Don said what Terry cooked? Yes dad I cooked something as I think it is time I learned to be a bit more independent . As Terry looked down at the beautiful woman asleep on her chest she gave a sigh and said softly I Love You.

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