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Oriental Maruhi Hatchuu - Kantai collection Fingers

(軍令部酒保 & 砲雷撃戦!よーい! 合同演習参戦目) [弱小事務所諸君] (双葉八重) ] マルヒハッチュウ (艦隊これくしょん -艦これ-) [中国翻訳]


Characters: Akashi (31)
Languages: Translated Chinese
Categories: Doujinshi
30 pages - Uploaded
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#250360 - -blushes- Mikayla: *smiles* do you want more? Luna: -nods- Mikayla: *i smile* ok then *i walk over to a large door and open it, all you see nothing in there since its way to dark to see in there* Mikayla: do you want to know whats in here Luna? Luna: -blushes- No. but i need to finish my contract first *a tentacle reaches up and pulls you off the table as one of the tall creatures moves in front of you as another moves behind you* dont worry luna, it should all be over soon Luna: -whimpers as the slimy tentacle grabs me- Mikayla: *you feel the creatures put there cocks up to your ass and pussy and suddenly slam in* dont worry Luna, you can be mine after this is over, no guy may want you, but i will Luna: -moans loudly as my holes stretch again- Mikayla: *the creatures stretch your ass and pussy to the limit as the shove more and more of there cocks in, soon the have about 22 inches into your pussy and 24 inches into your ass* Luna: -blushes moaning louder

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