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#150298 - Seeing what I'm doing Jim comes running round the other side of the sofa and grabs my hands but not before I shock them both with a swing that connects firmly with Tony’s nose. “Get me a beer” he says pulling his jeans up and heading towards the living room, realising he pushed me to the floor like a piece of rubbish, I slowly get back up and head towards the fridge, quickly knocking back another shot of tequila before grabbing him a beer and heading to the living room The TV plays the scene that shocked me the day Ben came round, I quickly go to make my way up stairs when he grabs me and tells me that he hasn’t finished with me. Shaking his head at his room he turns round disappearing from sight and expecting me to follow, for a second I entertain the thought of ignoring him and continuing to my room but I know the consequences wouldn’t be worth it in the end.

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